Case studies - 23 April 2018

Test of the product: medical equipment used by nurses and doctors

Our client – manufacturer of medical equipment – was planning a market launch a new product. That product was medical equipment that for the purpose of enhanced safety was equipped with a mechanism preventing it from repeated use. Among other things, thanks to that enhanced safety feature, the product offered additional benefits but it also required a different usage technique. 

Objective of project

Before introducing that product to the market the client wanted to verify how the product will be perceived by end users – nurses and doctors. The client decided to perform a test of the product in cooperation with PMR.

Project details

Under the project we realized mini focus-group meetings with nurses and doctors. We invited individuals who use the relevant type of medical equipment on a daily basis to participate in the research.


In the course of the session research participants shared their observations stemming from their experience with equipment of various brands that they have been using so far. They also had a chance to test the new product and comment on its functionality, ease of use and effectiveness.

Project results

Research outcomes allowed the client to:


  • develop a strategy for introducing the offer on the market,
  • prepare well for introducing the product on the market,
  • make relevant modifications in the product as such,
  • consider key difficulties and doubts in the product training program,
  • prepare dedicated informational materials for nurses and doctors that would address their various needs.
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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst