Case studies - 10 April 2019

Supporting the expansion of a discount clothing chain in Poland – desk research

Objective of project

A discount clothing chain wanted to increase its market share. However, before deciding on a development strategy the company realised that it does not have sufficient data regarding the competition. They therefore involved PMR Consulting & Research and asked us to gather key information about the market and conduct store checks of selected clothing chains.

Project details

PMR researchers started their work by gathering and analysing secondary data (desk research). At this stage they also identified shops with which the client competes on the clothing market.


Next, they conducted store checks, creating a list of products available in the client’s shops and in their direct competitors’ shops.


Through personal visits to the shops and involvement of experienced market researchers, our client gained extensive knowledge in a short time, including:


  • a comparison of the client’s shop locations and the competition’s shop locations,
  • the precise locations of every one of their competitors’ shops,
  • prices of products in the surveyed shops,
  • attractiveness and diversity of products within each product category.
Project results

The PMR Consulting & Research team collected data on the shops, and supplemented it with many practical recommendations. The report, which included all the findings along with researchers’ commentary, presented ways to increase market share. With such support the client optimised their pricing and assortment strategy, and was able to more consciously plan the further development of their chain.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director