Case studies - 7 February 2017

Study of consumer behaviour in the car wash market

A company operating in the market of car washes (a manufacturer of specialised equipment) commissioned us to conduct a study of consumer behaviour in terms of using car washes. Our client wanted not only to better understand their customers, but also to examine the position of their brand on the market in relation to the competition. 

Objective of project

Our task was to provide support, and to help the company create a long-term brand strategy to ensure sustainable growth in market share.

Project details

We set ourselves the goal of obtaining a broad view of the car wash market in Poland. We wanted to be sure that we collected reliable data from actual users of the analysed brand of car wash equipment. Therefore, we decided to implement a two-stage approach.


  • The first part was a cross-sectional online survey, the aim of which was to present a complete picture of the car wash market in Poland.
  • The second part, which complemented and deepened the results from the online survey, included a PAPI survey (Paper and Pencil Interview) with customers. To provide the customer with the most reliable data possible, this part was performed immediately after the respondents had used the car wash.
Project results

Our client developed a new business strategy and identified opportunities to further increase market share in the local market. Thanks to PMR Consulting & Research, the company obtained:


  • information on the behaviour of car wash users,
  • a description of user preferences and needs,
  • data on the position and image of the brand in the context of the competition,
  • analysis of competitive advantages,
  • recommendations for further actions in the market.
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Krystian Gryzło

Senior Market Researcher