Case studies - 19 March 2018

Searching for a business partner on the pharmaceutical market

Project objectives

PMR Consulting & Research client– global manufacturer of medical equipment – requested us to find a business partner operating in the drugstore distribution channel. What was of key importance to our client was to verify and select such an enterprise that will be interested in a long-term cooperation.

Project details

The project comprised two stages: In the first stage, based on business partner selection criteria determined by the client, PMR team prepared a long list of distributors operating in the drugstore channel. Entities presented to the client met all requirements concerning, among other things, experience in cooperating with pharmacies, geographical scope of their activity, product portfolio and some other aspects. That stage resulted in preparing a long list of companies meeting the established criteria together with short profiles containing information about product portfolio, the scope of offered services and contact details.


Within the second stage of the project, the list of potential partners was shortened to include those companies that to the largest extent met the expectations of our client. Then, PMR Consulting & Research consultants got in touch with those companies in order to verify whether they were interested in the client’s offer and willing to establish cooperation.


The second stage of the project gave rise to a list of selected companies which were recommended by PMR as the most promising business partners for future cooperation.

Project results

After the completion of the project the client could quickly and efficiently establish successful cooperation with a new partner and expand the sales network in the drugstore channel in Poland.


Market information provided by PMR together with detailed profiles of companies made it easier for the client to take strategic business decisions that have an impact on the direction of business development in Poland in the years to come.

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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst