Case studies - 5 October 2023

Research on consumers of box diets/dietary catering in Wrocław

We conducted a quantitative study (CAWI) for one of the companies offering boxed diets/dietary catering, targeting consumers of such meals residing in Wrocław.

Objective of project

The study created for our client, aimed at obtaining reliable and credible data regarding consumers of boxed diets/dietary catering in Wrocław, included:


  • consumer segmentation.
  • analysis of data necessary for a better understanding of the target group.
  • price sensitivity analysis.
  • identification of key product features influencing purchase motivation.
  • determination of the level of awareness of brands offering boxed diets/dietary catering.
  • identification of the most effective advertising channels.
Project details

The study created for our client involved individuals responsible for or co-responsible for purchasing boxed diets/dietary catering in their households. Specifically, those who had made a purchase of the described diet in the 12 months preceding the study. The CAWI study was conducted with a sample of 100 respondents, selected through a stratified random sampling scheme, and it lasted an average of 15 minutes. The stratification parameters included gender, age, and location.

Project results

The client received a report containing information about consumers of boxed diets/dietary catering in Wrocław, including:


  • segmentation enriched with constructed personas.
  • demographics and characteristics.
  • shopping habits and preferences.
  • analysis of consumers’ price sensitivity.

In the report, we also identified key product features that influence purchase motivation. We provided results on the level of brand awareness for boxed diets/dietary catering among consumers and identified the most effective advertising channels based on respondents’ declarations.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director