Case studies - 7 February 2017

Research of mobile phones market

A global company operating in the financial services market was planning to develop an offer for individual customers. They wanted to improve their services targeted to users of prepaid phones. 

Objective of project

The object of their interest was the area of online payment for mobile phone top-ups. Knowing that prior to any decision regarding changing the portfolio it is crucial to gain a better understanding of customers, the company asked us to conduct a research of mobile phones market in the selected segment. Our goal was to learn the specific expectations and unmet needs of people who use prepaid phones.

Project details

We investigated the payments carried out online by “internet savvy” consumers. We decided on a CAWI study, which utilizes an online questionnaire. The researched group consisted of persons who had used prepaid mobile phones within the last six months.

The challenge in this study was a big nationwide sample and very little time to complete our research. However, it turned out to not be a problem for us, and the whole process ran smoothly. Our experience accumulated over 20 years in the area of conducting quantitative studies certainly helped. We created research tools, completed all the interviews and delivered the final report to our client in just 4 weeks.

Project results

Based on our study’s findings, we have developed a comprehensive and exhaustive report on the users of prepaid mobile phones. The client received, among other things, information on:


  • the most popular mobile service providers,
  • the frequency of top-ups,
  • the average top-up amounts in each segment of respondents,
  • user expectations in the area of payment for top-ups,
  • needs that our client’s current services do not satisfy,
  • ways to increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing.

Our client not only obtained detailed knowledge of their target audience, but also received recommendations for further action. With the supplied data in hand, the company could effectively implement new business solutions tailored to the needs of consumers.

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Paweł Olszynka

ICT Business Unit Director