Case studies - 17 October 2019

Polish construction market in light of economic changes

Project objectives

One of our permanent clients approached PMR with a request to perform quantitative research among Polish architects. The research was conducted using a telephone interview method in seven European countries. It was a part of a barometer evaluating specialists’ sentiment in the context of changing conditions on the local construction markets. It presented the Polish construction market against the backdrop of economic changes taking place both in Poland as well as in Europe and the world.

Project details

Under this project PMR conducted over 200 quantitative CATI interviews (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). They conducted them with architects working in companies of various profiles of activity and various sizes. Respondents from higher managerial positions who had knowledge about business plans of their companies were invited to participate in those interviews.


The survey comprised a number of questions concerning such issues as:


  • company investment plans,
  • purchasing models and processes,
  • current trends affecting the situation in the industry,
  • predicted changes that will be shaping the Polish construction market.
Project results

As a result of conducted research the client received comprehensive information concerning changes taking place on the Polish construction market. The results of the research constitute a part of a cyclical, European survey presenting changes on local markets. Thanks to access to reliable and credible market data such studies yield a better insight into the construction sector.

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Szymon Jungiewicz

Construction Business Unit Director