Case studies - 14 March 2019

Pharmaceutical distribution in Turkey – market analysis

Our client, an investment fund, expressed interest in conducting a market analysis on pharmaceutical distribution in Turkey.

Objective of project

The client wanted to identify key players as well as trends in the wholesale and retail pharmaceutical market in Turkey. As part of the market analysis, we also identified factors that need to be considered when entering the Turkish pharmaceutical market.

Project details

PMR provided a comprehensive analysis of the structure of the Turkish pharmaceutical wholesale and retail sector in terms of geographic coverage, number of establishments, and sales value. We identified the key players in the market along with their financial performance.


An essential part of the project involved gathering information on past and expected market trends. Our experienced analysts conducted an assessment of the impact of these trends on the companies operating in the market.

Project results

Our client received strategic decision support regarding their planned activities in the Turkish market.


The client had the opportunity to analyze potential acquisition targets in the pharmaceutical distribution market in Turkey. With the provided data, they were able to assess the financial condition of potential partners.

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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst