Case studies - 7 February 2017

Petrochemical market analysis

A manufacturer of advanced products in the petrochemical industry was planning to implement changes in their growth strategy. They wanted to know the available ways of generating growth in their market and choose those that would yield more business benefits.

Objective of project

To create a new strategy, the company needed a comprehensive petrochemical market analysis, as well as assessment of their operations and their technical, technological, environmental and legal aspects.


For the modifications to fit the current and future market situation, our client also asked us to test their petrochemical products. The client was primarily interested in the analysis of the current market position of the products from their portfolio, as well as an indication of their sales potential in the long term.

Project details

A team of analysts and consultants from PMR Consulting & Research completed a comprehensive analysis of the market and of petrochemical products. This led to forming an assessment and recommendations with regard to the use of solutions and operations.


In addition to collecting and analysing secondary data, we conducted in-depth interviews with experts. The combination of these two techniques allowed us to provide the customer with valuable information on the Polish petrochemical market, including:


  • market volume,
  • market structure,
  • main market growth factors,
  • major players,
  • the most important distribution channels,
  • production capacity,
  • trends in the petrochemical market in Poland.
Project results

Thanks to the knowledge and recommendations delivered by PMR Consulting & Research, the company:


  • assessed their current position on the Polish petrochemical market,
  • adapted the product offer to the expectations of Polish customers and the realities of the local market,
  • was able to define a clear strategy for the future.
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Szymon Jungiewicz

Construction Business Unit Director