Case studies - 10 August 2023

One of the largest industrial equipment manufacturers in the world

Technologies: BPM, mobile solutions, Big Data

Objective of project

Our client offered complex technological solutions. The client’s sales force needed to consult external experts when drafting their offers. Prior to the project, the sales force consulted them by phone and email, individually, in a manner which differed from case to case. The task of coordinating the individual consultations in the arena of multiple projects proved to be a time-consuming conundrum. The company could not harness its full sales potential.

Project details

We proposed the moulding of an effective solution which would allow 365/7/24 collaboration across sales force teams, advisors, sales support staff, graphic designers and academics from more than a dozen universities who worked with them.


We designed a system which enabled the coordination and planning of a large distributed team, with features which included automated estimation of the labour intensity of projects and consultations, work schedule management and the booking of necessary resources, while also making use of the company’s existing call centre.


The crucial challenge was the short timeframe for delivering the solution. The parent company expected an immediate answer to the issue of sales force access to consultants and subcontractors. Another challenge was the integration with the call centre.


We solved both problems by choosing to use off-the-shelf solutions available on the market. In developing the solution, we used the Low-Code BPM platform with additional mobile front-end modules and implemented the Hopcroft-Karp algorithm for scheduling.

Project results

Because of the project, our client gained an IT and organisational solution which was not available to its competitors. This improved the efficiency of over 600 sales support staff and more than 200 advisors around the world from 50% to 85%, which permitted a reduction in the total number of people contracted. By such means, the client created a smaller, better organised and more closely collaborating team and increased the sales of its solutions by more than 20%.



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Konrad Jeleń

Head of Technical Solutions