Case studies - 27 November 2018

Marketing study of TV commercials

One of the leaders in the auto-motive industry was preparing for the initiation of a marketing campaign for a new car model.

Objective of project

In order to boost the effectiveness of its commercial the company requested PMR to conduct a comparative analysis of several TV spot concepts. The aim of the marketing study was to gather consumer opinions and evaluate spots in terms of their compliance with campaign objectives.

Project details

In order to respond to client’s needs, PMR Consulting & Research team conducted three survey waves using the CAWI method ( Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing). Interviews were conducted on a representative sample of adult Poles with driving licence.


In each wave of the study only one commercial spot was subject to assessment. The study started with presenting video material, then the respondent was supposed to comment on the spot itself as well as the accompanying catchphrase.

Project results

After the completion of all three waves of the study, the client received a detailed summary of results. Based on those results it was possible to assess the attractiveness of each of analyzed commercial spots. Therefore, marketing message could be modified so as to suit the target group to the largest extent possible. Adjusting marketing communication to suit consumer preferences increased the chances of commercial success of the new car model.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director