Case studies - 16 October 2019

Marketing analysis of premium clothing and footwear brand

A manufacturer of premium clothing and footwear was planning to redefine their marketing strategy for the Polish market. Before making the strategic decision however, the company required a reliable marketing analysis of their brand. They needed a partner in research and consulting in order to get a full picture of the market, and therefore decided on PMR Consulting & Research.

Objective of project

We were tasked with providing answers to a number of complex questions. The client’s business need included:


  • understanding the competitive position of their brand in Poland,
  • conducting an analysis of the premium market,
  • indicating the position of low-end brands, that is the fast fashion segment, which is becoming increasingly important in terms of smart shopping, with consumers combining products from different segments.
Project details

We proposed and implemented a solution which included an exploratory analysis of secondary data, and data from telephone interviews with the target group. Thanks to the use of the PMR Brand Image methodology, our team was able to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the retail chain’s regular customers.


The marketing analysis of the brand included a series of elements:


  • analysing the client’s brand in the Polish market,
  • defining the target group,
  • identifying spontaneous and aided awareness of the client’s brand and competing brands,
  • analysing the brand’s perception compared to that of competing brands,
  • preparing an overview of the premium clothing and footwear market in Poland,
  • identifying and analysing the competitive environment,
  • analysing consumer habits and behaviours in the premium segment,
  • creating a list of shopping preferences of the researched brand’s target audience.
Project results

As a result of our research and analysis, we presented our client with detailed information and advice that can be implemented right away:


  • credible hard data and conclusions,
  • a detailed list of the brand’s strengths,
  • a comparative analysis of the competition – their strengths, weaknesses and potential threats,
  • support in understanding the premium segment of clothing and footwear in Poland,
  • recommendations for brand strategy development,
  • recommendations to help increase sales in the Polish market.
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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director