Case studies - 14 April 2016

Market research preceding market entry for biscuits

One of the largest European manufacturers of biscuits asked PMR Consulting & Research for cooperation during the implementation of a new investment in the Polish market.

Objective of project

Our task was to guide the client through the entire process of market entry for biscuits. To ensure effectiveness, we advised our client from the identification of business opportunities, through creating a strategy.


Our client wanted to:


  • get in-depth knowledge of the Polish biscuit market,
  • identify the habits of Polish consumers of biscuits,
  • evaluate concepts of their products to adjust them to the preferences of Polish consumers,
  • find out what consumers think of the taste of their product.
Project details

The qualitative research took the form of focus groups and included many female consumers from the precisely defined target group. The study’s results were presented during a business meeting organized at the client’s headquarters. We also delivered a comprehensive report with conclusions and recommendations in the following areas:


  • customer perception of the brand,
  • assessment of packaging created by the client,
  • positioning the client’s product against competing products,
  • analysis of the client’s product by price, taking into account competing products,
  • evaluation of the product’s taste.
Project results

After this market study, the client gained a lot of valuable, hard data on the prospects for the Polish market of biscuits. They identified the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, and learned how their products are evaluated by consumers in terms of both taste and packaging. The client was also able to understand the competitive environment in which they would be operating after entering the market. Furthermore, they gained insight into the analysis of sales potential of each channel of distribution of biscuits in Poland.


Most importantly, all of this information and recommendations proved to be extremely useful when building a marketing and sales strategy.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director