Case studies - 20 May 2019

Market feasibility study and market entry strategy recommendation for portable gensets

Our client, the world leader in power generation and a portable genset manufacturer with ambitious growth plans, turned to PMR with a request for conducting market research and market entry strategy recommendation. 

Objectives of project

This study was an introduction to assessing market potential and designing a market entry strategy in the Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech markets for potable gensets up to 12kW.

Project details

A team of PMR consultants, along with the client’s cooperation, developed questionnaires for both distributors and end users of portable generators. Subsequently, about 200 detailed qualitative and 200 quantitative interviews were conducted with the leading portable genset distributors and customers from various segments in the countries in question. Taking into account the specificity of the CEE region and its culture, PMR consultants developed a relationship with the respondents which enabled them to obtain valuable and detailed market information.


The next step was to analyse the data according to its trustworthiness and reliability with the use of the PMR Market Insight methodological approach. For each of the mentioned countries a separate report was developed including estimates on market size, main market trends (drivers, constraints), segmentation, value chain, competitive landscape, pricing tendencies, and consumer behavior as well as legal aspects and certification requirements. The client also obtained information on the construction and energy environment to better understand the market context, background and influencing forces. PMR consultants also drew market entry scenarios and gave recommendations as to the marketing approach tailored to each country.

Project results

In a short period of time, the team of PMR consultants acquired all the nessesary technical knowledge regarding the product which was needed to successfully complete the project. The client was very satisfied with PMR’s strategic advice and the amount of detail included in each report. The study constituted the basis and the road map for the company which was preparing itself to invest in the CEE region.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director