Case studies - 15 January 2019

Market analysis of food production in Poland by 10 industry segments

The client entrusted us with conducting a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the food production industry in Poland, taking into account its division into 10 categories.

Objectives of project

The client’s objective was to conduct a realistic assessment of the condition of the food production industry in Poland, divided into 10 product categories:


  1. Dairy Products
  2. Beer
  3. Spirits
  4. Teas and Coffees
  5. Frozen Foods
  6. Canned Foods
  7. Ready Meals
  8. Confectionery
  9. Meat
  10. Fish

For each of the mentioned segments, the goal was to identify key trends and tendencies, leading entities operating in each market (with revenues of at least 40 million PLN), analyze their financial condition, and map their production facilities.

Project details

We conducted CATI interviews with manufacturers in the aforementioned 10 product categories.


The project primarily involved data verification of the manufacturers, utilizing both internal and external databases, as well as desk research and direct telephone contact with the producers.


The analysis resulted in the following materials provided to the client:


  1. Comprehensive Excel database containing detailed operational and financial data on over 500 major food industry manufacturers in Poland, including a list of over 700 production facilities owned by these entities. It also includes information on ownership structure and capital links.

  2. Precise location and visualization of production facilities data on maps using Tableau application.

  3. Executive summary in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, including key KPIs for each industry, market size, production volumes, market positions of major players, comparative and regional analysis, attractiveness assessment using selected indicators and variables, SWOT analysis, recommendations, and PMR forecasts.

Project results

Thanks to the collaboration with PMR, the client received ready-to-use tools that they could utilize to prepare their own offering for the food production market. PMR’s contribution involved an extensive and time-consuming process of data aggregation and verification regarding manufacturers and their facilities, with the aim of creating the most up-to-date and high-quality database.


Additionally, a comparative analysis and attractiveness assessment were presented. This allowed the client to immediately focus their marketing and sales efforts on strategic market segments from their perspective.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director