Case studies - 2 May 2023

Market analysis of food and beverage production in Poland for Siemens

For Siemens, a leading global company operating in the automation and digitization of manufacturing processes in the food industry, PMR has prepared an analysis of 12 food production sectors in Poland, along with identifying the most promising sectors.

Objectives of project

Identification of the most attractive sectors in the food and beverage production market in terms of investments in machinery, production lines, or technologies, as well as planned digital transformation.

Project details

As part of the project, PMR has developed an original attractiveness index for the food production sectors. The following data sources were used to build the index:


  • financial reports of companies regarding revenues, costs, 
  • financial results, as well as investments in fixed assets.

Results of a survey conducted by PMR among 200 food producers for the purpose of this project. The survey was based on PMR’s database of over 1,000 food producers created as part of the project. The resulting index provides reliable, comparable, and consistent results, enabling appropriate conclusions regarding the attractiveness of the analyzed sectors.

Project results

The client received a report containing recommendations regarding the most attractive food production sectors in Poland.


Additionally, the report includes a description of each of the 12 sectors, including a geographic analysis of facilities, rankings of the largest producers, as well as a summary of planned investments in machinery and equipment, and energy transformation projects.


As part of the project, the client also received an xls database comprising 740 food producers with revenues exceeding 40 million PLN and their 1,090 production facilities. The database includes contact details of producers and facilities, producer revenues, and the specialization of each facility.


The analysis is complemented by a presentation of the results of a quantitative survey conducted by PMR among 200 food producers using the CATI method. The scope of the survey included the following topics:


  • cooperation with suppliers of machinery/production lines and technologies (types of suppliers, cooperation conditions, supplier selection criteria)
  • investment potential: planned investments and their scope, investment planning schedules, energy consumption in production, digitization of enterprises
  • new technologies in production facilities: AGV robots, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), digital twin, Internet of Things (IoT), production cycle management.
Cooperation with PMR company is a huge comfort throughout every stage of the project: from preparation, through implementation to the final output.
The great commitment of all team members, excellent communication - quick response to every question and comment, open and substantive conversation, as well as exceptional coordination by the designated representative. The extensive knowledge and experience ensure that the time frames are realistically set and the results are delivered on time. I can recommend the company without any hesitation to anyone who is planning this type of project and wants to have certainty in terms of quality, timeliness, and the comfort of cooperation.
Ewa Mikos
Business Development Manager SIEMENS Sp. z o.o.
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