Case studies - 20 July 2021

List of companies in the field of FMCG in Russia and Ukraine

Our client, an international supplier of infrastructure and services for mobile business solutions, wanted to sell its products on the Russian and Ukrainian markets.

Objective of project

The client was interested in identifying its potential clients, the biggest international and local FMCG manufacturers and distributors.

Project details

Through initial desk-research PMR consultants identified about 800 companies that are active in the FMCG in Russia and Ukraine. We then interviewed them in order to check the information we had previously collected and to find out some additional data. Keeping the client’s name confidential, we learned about the number of sales representatives and the name of the decision-maker in each company. All based on our respondents’ knowledge and estimates.


As a result of those interviews, we were able to shortlist the file of those most promising companies with a higher number of sales representatives to less than 250 whilst. Also ensuring that all the companies met our client’s previously established criteria.

Project results

PMR prepared a list of over 200 companies active as either a manufacturer or distributor in the FMCG in Russia and Ukraine, that have a substantial number of sales representatives. We provided our client with the contact details, information regarding the number of sales representatives and the name of the sales manager or commercial director of each company on the list.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director