Case studies - 13 November 2017

Leasing services market research

A leader in the finance market in Poland asked us to conduct a leasing services market research. The aim of the study was to enable an effective strategy for development and marketing communications. 

Objective of project

We were charged with several tasks:


  • analysis of the popularity of leasing as a form of financing among Polish companies from the sector of small and medium enterprises (SMEs),
  • identification of factors that a company takes into account during the selection of the lessor,
  • evaluation of the quality of leasing services in Poland,
  • obtaining information on the plans of international expansion in the SME sector.
Project details

To answer all of our client’s questions, we decided to conduct the leasing services market research using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) technique. We realised more than 400 interviews with a randomly selected sample.


The respondents were representatives of small and medium-sized companies in the private sector. We reached out to companies operating in manufacturing, trade, construction and services. We spoke exclusively with employees directly involved in the process of selecting a service provider in the area of leasing.

Project results

Our client used the results of the analysis of the market to adapt their current marketing communication to the expectations of small and medium-sized enterprises.


They also created an action plan taking into account information about:


  • requirements of customers from various industries,
  • needs of businesses depending on the size of employment,
  • factors determining the choice of leasing vendor,
  • satisfaction of businesses with the quality of services provided by other lessors,
  • factors that increase the tendency to use leasing.
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Krystian Gryzło

Senior Market Researcher