Case studies - 21 January 2019

Laboratory diagnostics services market in Poland: growth drivers and barriers

Project objectives

We were working on an update of our report on the in vitro diagnostics services market in Poland and we wanted to determine what the main drivers and inhibitors of market development were going into 2018, and what the prospects were for individual market segments.

Getting a reliable sense of what the IVD services industry was thinking was key.

Project details

We decided to carry out a large telephone survey of IVD laboratories in Poland. We used a stratified sampling design to make sure that all relevant types of labs were adequately represented in our sample. Drawn from our Laboratories in Poland database, the survey sample included the right mix of private non-hospital/independent labs, public non-hospital/independent labs, public hospital labs (in-house) and private hospital labs (outsourced).


We also wanted to make sure that we talked to the most knowledgeable people. So we went for laboratory directors.


A total of 215 interviews were completed. They were conducted using the computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) method, and followed a standardised questionnaire format.


(There was a second part in the questionnaire that dealt with lab financial situation, purchasing plans, and awareness of IVD equipment and reagent brands.)

Project results

The survey showed that the single most important factor supporting growth in Poland’s IVD services market was increased physician awareness and propensity to order tests (mentioned by 27% of interviewees).


Next came investment projects and EU funds for healthcare infrastructure (23%), followed by increased patient awareness of the importance of diagnostics and prophylactics.


Based on the survey input, we were also able to estimate the value of the IVD services market in Poland – and not just the total market but also its public and private components.


The survey findings were discussed at length in our report, Laboratory diagnostics services market in Poland 2018. Market analysis and development forecasts”.

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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst