Case studies - 10 May 2017

Industrial gases market analysis and consulting on product development

At the request of a manufacturer of industrial gases, we conducted extensive product testing and a detailed industrial gases market analysis in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and the UK.

Objective of project

The aim of this research project was to:


  • get customer feedback regarding various aspects of usability and appearance of two prototypes of gas cylinders,
  • compare the solutions offered by our customer with competing offers.
Project details

To get answers to our client’s questions, we examined the opinions, preferences and habits of users of gas cylinders. We saw how they benefit from this category of industrial products. We collected and compared the views of customers about the details of our client’s product offer and the competition’s product offer.


In order to achieve the objectives of the project, we conducted 115 test sessions in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and the UK. We completed face-to-face interviews in the company’s branches and points of sale, and in companies that use our client’s products. The group of respondents included the final recipients of those products, as well as our client’s customers and employees.

Project results

In the study, we discovered the pros and cons of new products – both in terms of their usefulness and appearance. We identified the elements of the offering that end-users consider most important.


Based on the gathered information, we could prepare concrete recommendations relating to product development, to maximise the chances of successful introduction on the market.

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Szymon Jungiewicz

Construction Business Unit Director