Case studies - 18 September 2018

How often do Poles take laboratory examinations of various kinds?

Objective of project

As we prepared a new edition of our periodic report on the Laboratory diagnostics services market in Poland, we wanted to gain a clear, current picture of how often Poles take medical laboratory tests of various kinds, especially blood and urine tests.

Project details

To find out, we interviewed 1,010 adult Poles using CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing), asking them about medical lab tests. A random digit dialing (RDD) mechanism was used and the sample was controlled to be representative of the Polish population in terms of age, gender, level of education and place of residence.  With our experienced moderators, we were able to conduct the survey swiftly and efficiently.

Project results

The survey enabled us to establish how often Poles take medical laboratory tests of various kinds. Furthermore, we were able to develop a profile of the people who take blood and urine tests – the two most popular tests – in terms of such sociodemographic variables as age, household size, place of residence size, and level of education. All the findings were published in the report, Laboratory diagnostics services market in Poland 2018. Market analysis and development forecasts.

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Magdalena Filip

Senior Retail Analyst