Case studies - 14 March 2024

Game Development Industry Map for European Countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus, and Malta

For one of the top 3 cloud computing providers globally (IaaS/PaaS services), PMR team created a game development industry map. The in-depth analysis of competition and companies operating in the gaming market focused on selected countries as per the client’s request – Cyprus, Czech Republic, Malta, Poland, and Hungary.

Objectives of project

As part of the search for potential clients of AWS services, PMR created a comprehensive database of game development companies in selected regions to present the current situation in the gaming market in each country.

Project details

As part of the project, PMR used data webscraping methods to compile over 650 companies from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Malta, Poland, and Hungary, engaged in the creation and publishing of computer, mobile, online, and console games.


The companies were assigned various indicators including contact information, business profile, sample productions, year of establishment, and scale of operations (employment and revenues). The final data were verified by PMR analysts.

Project results

The result of the project is a database of over 650 companies involved in the creation and publishing of games. The database contains contact details of companies along with the latest financial results, employment figures, and published game titles.

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Paweł Olszynka

ICT Business Unit Director