Case studies - 29 May 2019

Footwear market research and competitive intelligence study

Our client was seeking to increase its market share on the Polish footwear market. The company sought detailed information on major competitors.

Objectives of project

The study aimed to:


  • identify the top 10 players in the Polish footwear market,
  • monitor the competition.
Project details

A team of PMR, in close cooperation with our client, gathered key information about the ten major players on the market. Competitive intelligence study included: the history of activity on the Polish market, number of stores (own and franchise). In addition, footwear market research contains financial results, market share, and consumer profile. Information was gathered from available secondary sources, store visits, and in-depth interviews with company representatives and market experts.

Project results

As a result of the market research, we have provided our client with a detailed analysis of the footwear market. In other words, comprehensive analysis of the current market dynamics as well as forecasts for the coming years. Equipped with the report’s information our associate assessed major competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and selected competitors to approach and avoid. An insightful overview of the market competitors empowered our client to improve his business model and business processes. On the basis of the information provided our client has made a number of strategic decisions regarding business expansion.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director