Case studies - 2 May 2018

Focus groups with doctors concerning the treatment of paediatric patients

International research agency working at the request of a global player on the pharmaceutical product market approached PMR and asked for support in carrying out the survey among Polish physicians. PMR was an ideal partner for the international client. We have extensive experience in the performance of surveys as for numerous years we have been conducting focus groups with doctors. Moreover, we have a team of professional moderators and extensive knowledge about the Polish healthcare system.

Objective of project

The research aimed at:


  • understanding what the most commonly used algorithms for treating paediatric patients are,
  • learning how physicians respond to the new product intended for patients with allergies.
Project details

In the first stage of the project PMR team conducted a series of focus interviews with representatives of various medical specialties in two locations in Poland. During discussions physicians were asked to get familiar with the profile of the new product, indicate its strengths and weaknesses and position it in the currently used treatment scheme.


Additionally, after some time after the completion of the first stage of the project, the second study was conducted. PMR team got in touch with respondents again in order to ask them about their opinions on the presented products in the context of their daily practice. Thanks to that, it was possible to verify opinions presented earlier.

Project results

The client received a detailed report comprising crucial conclusions from the research as well as recommendations concerning further business steps. All that information was presented in the context of the specific nature of the Polish healthcare market and applicable legislative requirements. 

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Magdalena Filip

Senior Retail Analyst