Case studies - 12 April 2019

Exploring the potential of the agricultural market

A European manufacturer of advanced solutions for the agricultural sector was interested in entering the Polish market.

Objectives of project

The basic question concerned the possibility of obtaining revenue from the launch of a new product. Moreover, the company wanted to try to profile the needs of local customers in terms of potential cooperation. The solution we proposed was a comprehensive study of the potential of the agricultural market – from market analysis, through the identification of target groups, to the product implementation strategy.

Project details

To be able to respond to our client’s key question, we conducted a number of more detailed analyses. After putting together the results of each analysis, we were able to develop actionable recommendations and guidelines. We carried out:


  • individual in-depth interviews with farmers and specialists in the agricultural sector on the subject of the offered solution,
  • concept testing and evaluation of their implementation,
  • identification of customers’ needs in terms of the offered solutions, which are not yet met by products currently available on the market,
  • analysis of the wider competitive environment,
  • analysis of the most important regulations affecting the agricultural market in the coming years.
Project results

The project resulted in concrete support in decision-making about entering the agricultural market with a new product, including:


  • an estimate of the achievable values on the Polish agricultural market,
  • a precise definition of the target group,
  • identification of the key success factors in co-operation with end customers and other decision-makers on the market.
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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director