Case studies - 25 March 2024

ERP system implementations in Poland – market analysis

PMR conducted a market analysis of ERP for one of the companies operating in the Polish market of ERP system implementations. As part of the project, a dedicated quantitative B2B demand-side study was carried out, along with an analysis of the competitive environment, mapping of integrators and implementation companies, and forecasts for market development.

Project objectives

The client is one of the key implementation partners of one of the largest ERP software producers. The client’s objective was to obtain information about the size and structure of the ERP software market (especially the share of software that is central to its operations), perspectives on its development, motivations driving business clients in ERP system implementations, and experiences with ERP systems along with their opinions on various producers. Acquiring this information was aimed at enabling the client to better understand the current market situation and assist in further developing their business strategy.

Project details

As part of the project, PMR conducted a quantitative study on a sample of 100 companies using the CATI technique. The study targeted medium and large-sized companies utilizing ERP systems across seven industries. Various indicators describing the value and structure of the ERP software market in Poland were calculated, and forecasts for their development from 2024 to 2028 were developed.


Additionally, a desk research was conducted to map out companies operating in the ERP market in Poland overall, and to identify those directly competing with the client.

Project results

The outcome of the project was a report consisting of two parts: analytical and research. In the analytical part, historical trends of value and quantity indicators describing the market were presented, along with development forecasts up to 2028 and a discussion on the factors influencing the market. Additionally, profiles of companies competing with the client were provided. In the research part, all the results of quantitative research were discussed, and visualizations of the results were included. Furthermore, the client received a database of companies operating in the Polish ERP market, containing various information such as their areas of activity, revenues, and industries they serve.

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Paweł Olszynka

ICT Business Unit Director