Case studies - 24 May 2017

Entering the market of vaccines in Europe

A manufacturer of pharmaceutical products planned entering the market of vaccines and offering consumers in the European Union a new product. To better prepare for sales and marketing activities, the company commissioned PMR Consulting & Research to conduct a thorough analysis of European markets.

Objective of project

The aim of the project was to construct an effective strategy for launching the new vaccine on the market. Data on the preferences of customers, the competitive environment, and the potential development of the market were to become the basis of this strategy.

Project details

Our researchers and consultants analysed the key areas and issues affecting the investment project planned by our client:


  • demand for a new vaccine,
  • pharmaceuticals currently used to prevent the analysed infections,
  • shopping preferences of users,
  • epidemiological data,
  • economic forecasts,
  • competitive environment,
  • the most efficient marketing and sales tools.


Each of these areas was analysed both in terms of an individual country and the region as a whole. During this project, PMR researchers gathered secondary data, and then completed them with primary data from interviews conducted in several countries simultaneously.

Project results

PMR Consulting & Research delivered a report with detailed knowledge of the vaccines market in each of the countries surveyed. An important part of the report was a set of concrete solutions in the field of promotion and sales to be used to make the process of entering new markets is efficient, and to minimise business risk.


Our recommendations enabled the client to prepare and start selling a new product on the markets of Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director