Case studies - 1 April 2019

Employment market analysis in regions of North Africa

Our client commissioned PMR to prepare an employment market analysis, dedicated to understand the basic situation of employees in several locations in North Africa.

Objective of project

Project was focused on general statistical data analysis for regions and research of inhabitants of these areas. The employment market analysis was aimed to cover information about potential of hiring.

Project details

In response to the client’s challenge, PMR’s analysis included:


  • a general analysis of statistical data, based on official governmental and other external sources for the relevant locations,
  • quantitative surveys based on a representative sample of people living in the areas mentioned above.
Project results

On the basis of shared full report and additional data, client could easily make a first step into understanding the employment market situation in North Africa. Research helped with decisions related to potential hiring and investment process.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director