Case studies - 7 May 2018

E-commerce market in Poland

PMR, a consulting & research company, conducted a new edition of the research whose aim was to show how the e-commerce market in Poland looks and develops.

Objectives of project

The study provided information in the following aspects:


  • identification of product groups with the largest sales potential in the B2C segment,
  • determining the most significant trends affecting the Polish e-commerce market,
  • segmentation of customers from the e-commerce sector.
Project details

In order to be better able to comprehend phenomena occurring on the Polish e-commerce market PMR researchers decided to divide the study into several stages.


  • The first stage of the industry status analysis was an online survey (CAWI). It was conducted on a sample of over one thousand Internet users who declared having made online purchases over the last 12 months.
  • Based on the results obtained in the quantitative study researchers performed a segmentation of consumers from the e-commerce sector in Poland.
  • At the end, PMR team conducted research on a representative sample of thousand residents of Poland by means of the direct interview method (CAPI). Thanks to that it was possible to compare purchasing habits of Internet users with the habits of a statistical Pole.
Project results

Obtained results made it possible to identify product categories with the highest sales potential in online channel as well as those products that are still considered less promising.


What was analyzed was, among other things, the use of smartphones for online shopping, use of subscription services or the popularity of online stores without a Polish language version.


Research also made it possible to identify the basic segments of e-commerce consumers.


Did you know that…


  • 46% of Poles buy items on the Internet.
  • Most people buying things online do it on a regular basis – a staggering 48% of them buy something online at least once a fortnight.
  • Among people who participated in the online survey, as many as 44% declared that they were using their smartphones for online shopping, 18% claimed that they were using tablets for that purpose.
  • The most commonly purchased product groups included, among other things, clothing and footwear, books, radio and television equipment as well as household appliances.
  • According to consumers making online purchases, shopping online is definitely more attractive than in traditional stores. What respondents found particularly appealing is the product range, competitive prices and availability of goods.
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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director