Case studies - 19 March 2016

Due diligence into the construction chemicals market

Our client – an international financial institution – considered the possibility of investing in a specific company operating in Poland. PMR Consulting & Research carried out due diligence into the construction chemicals market to help make investment decisions.

Project objectives

The most important issue in this project was to examine whether the expected business growth is possible in the context of the current market situation. Another challenge was to assess the company’s sales strategy for the coming years and develop recommendations for further actions.

Project details

In just four weeks PMR’s team of analysts and consultants conducted a comprehensive due diligence investigation into the market and the chosen company. We performed a thorough analysis of secondary data from the market. We then supplemented it with information obtained from primary sources.


In this project, we used a method called triangulation. This allowed us to juxtapose data obtained by using different methods and from different sources. Therefore, we could verify the market position of the audited company and its planned directions for further development.

Project results

As a result of due diligence into the construction chemicals market, the project team positively assessed the company chosen by our client. After examining the data, the client decided to go ahead with the investment.


PMR Consulting & Research identified important points of risk and prepared relevant scenarios for dealing with potential threats. As a result, our client was able not only to efficiently carry out the process of investment decisions, but also prepare for any potential hurdles along the way.

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Szymon Jungiewicz

Construction Business Unit Director