Case studies - 9 March 2016

Consumer research in the ceramic tiles market

Objective of project

Our client was one of the leading producers of clinker tiles in Poland. The company wanted to plan their sales and marketing strategy for the coming years. They turned to us with a request for a consumer research in the ceramic tiles market, in order to acquire a number of detailed information:


  • the level of awareness of their products,
  • their brand image in the eyes of Polish consumers in the context of other brands,
  • details of the purchasing process of ceramic tiles,
  • key factors in decision making process.
Project details

The research activities proposed by our team consisted of several complementary stages. In order to obtain better results, we combined quantitative and qualitative methods.


  • Omnibus survey on a representative sample of adult Poles, which helped identify the level of awareness of the client’s brand as well as that of competing brands.
  • A series of in-depth interviews (IDIs), in which we traced the decision making process of purchasing clinker tiles and examined the consumer perception of the brand’s image.
  • A CATI quantitative study on a group of 200 consumers who had purchased ceramic tiles.
Project results

The consumer survey provided our client with wide knowledge. Information about the needs of customers regarding products from their portfolio has been expanded to include data on the needs and habits of customers of competing brands. The key factors influencing consumer decisions which we identified shed light on the purchasing processes.


This extensive knowledge became the basis for the creation of an improved business strategy. The new development plan included sales and marketing operations neatly tailored to the real needs of the market.


Did you know…

A low level of market penetration and a poor knowledge of construction products (such as clinker tiles) among individual customers are factors that may hinder the process of respondents’ recruitment, and increase the duration and cost of research. In such a situation, it’s best to take advantage of the experience of experts in the field of consumer research in a particular industry. It is through knowledge of the market and experience in conducting consumer research in the ceramic tiles market that we were able to conduct the recruitment process for this study quickly and efficiently.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director