Case studies - 14 April 2016

Concept test in the dairy industry

An important player in the European dairy market wanted to introduce to the Polish market a series of products for consumers suffering from lactose intolerance. In preparation for market entry, the company commissioned PMR to conduct concept test in the dairy industry.

Objective of project

The client wanted to know and understand the eating habits of Poles in terms of the consumption of dairy products. They needed to estimate the sales potential of their brand, and on this basis to create an effective strategy to enter the local market – tailored to the needs of consumers.

Project details

PMR completed a series of in-depth interviews (IDIs) with purchasing decision-makers in Polish households. We also conducted a series of in-depth interviews with people suffering from lactose intolerance.


The first part of the discussion with the respondents focused on the shopping habits of consumers pertaining to dairy products. In the second part of the meeting, we asked interviewees to assess marketing concepts and share their opinions on packaging. Finally, we performed a taste test of the selected products.

Project results

The client received answers to all the research questions. The new knowledge in effect allowed them to optimise the strategy to enter the Polish market, taking into account local conditions.


The analysis allowed the client to assess the market potential of products from their portfolio. It also enabled adapting the offer to the expectations of Polish consumers in terms of the concept of advertising, acceptable price level and the graphic design of the packaging.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director