Case studies - 20 November 2017

Cash logistics market study

Project objectives

Our client was a cash logistics provider who wanted to improve their competitive advantage. The company reached out to PMR Consulting & Research to conduct a competitive analysis and a consumer study. Such a large-scale cash logistics market study was a complex project, as it required taking into account a number of factors specific to that market, and ensure data confidentiality.

Project details

In this project, researchers decided to use in-depth qualitative interviews. To know the structure of the market, the major players and preferences of end customers, we selected for the study a group of representatives of large companies that use the cash logistics services.


The study involved persons responsible for making decisions regarding cash management. And because the study included both operational issues (use of services), and strategic issues (choice of service provider), knowledge was often obtained from more than one source within the organisation.


Our research consisted of 4 parts:


  • general information about the cash logistics market,
  • profiles of major market players,
  • decision making process behind selecting a supplier and ways of using their services,
  • other issues related to cash logistics.
Project results

The result of the work of PMR researchers and consultants was a report that contains the findings of analyses, their conclusions, and practical recommendations.


We supplemented the report with workshops organised at the client’s headquarters. This enabled staff at all levels of management to personally discuss the report’s conclusions with our experts.


Consequently, in-depth knowledge of the market for cash logistics services allowed our client to improve the quality and competitiveness of their services.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director