Case studies - 26 September 2022

B2B customer segmentation for a food manufacturer

As part of the development of a sales and marketing strategy, our client wanted to better understand the needs of existing and potential customers.

Objective of project

The aim of PMR’s work was to identify the most attractive customer group with a view to market development. The B2B customer segmentation helped the client to organise its sales force more efficiently and reach customers in a more effective way.

Project details

As part of the research project, a number of B2B interviews were conducted with customers. These covered their needs in terms of orders, marketing support and non-price aspects of sales. In addition, the research findings were supplemented with the analysis of industry data, financial figures and general statistics.


Accordingly, all recommendations and the projected implementation of the new sales and marketing strategy were consulted directly with the client’s project team and key decision-makers in the organisation.

Project results

The B2B customer segmentation is a major research and analitycal challenge, which results in obtaining unique and highly valuable information. In addition, the project helped our client to better understand its current B2B customer structure. The customers were segmented according to predefined key attractiveness criteria (margin, growth rate, share of orders, experience, etc.). On this basis, it was possible to select a target group and devise an appropriate marketing and sales strategy, focused strictly on the needs of key users.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director