Case studies - 24 August 2023

Analysis of the situation and trends on the construction market in Poland: market participants’ perspective

For one of the global producers of building materials with companies in Poland, we conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders operating on the Polish construction market in order to learn their perspective on the current market situation and expected trends in the short and long term.

Project objectives

Faced with the work on the group’s strategy, as part of the discovery phase, providing comprehensive information on the current situation on the construction market in Poland, along with anticipated trends and changes that await the market in the near and distant future, was essential for the client.


In particular, the client was interested in the most and least prospective sectors of the industry, as well as specific development directions in selected areas. PMR conducted a survey with a variety of market players and analysed the material provided by the client to answer the client’s questions.

Project details

In the course of the project, PMR conducted 25 in-depth interviews (IDI) with representatives of various stakeholders operating in the construction market in Poland: designers, general contractors and their representatives, as well as developers. The sampling employed for the study took into account the predefined sectors of the industry, and the professional positions of the interviewed experts. Furthermore, the client also provided their own material for analysis – these included additional 45 interviews conducted with the client’s business partners.

Project results

The project resulted in an extensive research report containing detailed information on the current market situation and anticipated trends. The report also included recommendations on developments and areas to be tackled by building material manufacturers. Apart from that, the document also covered areas such as motivations and criteria for selecting business partners, expert analyses and outlooks for selected predefined sectors in the industry, as well as a list of the most prospective branches and directions in the construction market.

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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst