Case studies - 6 June 2024

Analysis of the needs of construction market customers in the Central and Eastern Europe Region

For one of the leading building materials manufacturers, PMR prepared an analysis of the needs of entities shaping the construction market in six Central and Eastern European countries and conducted a workshop session based on the collected data.

Objectives of project

The objective of the project was to understand the needs of direct customers (general contractors, concrete manufacturers, building materials retailers, prefab manufacturers) and other entities shaping the construction market (architects, developers, and local authorities/administration) in each of the six countries under study: Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hungary.


The main issues were identifying the key factors influencing the choice of suppliers, understanding the major problems in cooperation, aspects affecting its positive assessment, and learning opinions on the state of the market and openness to innovative solutions. The survey results were intended to form the basis for a workshop session aimed at developing possible development directions.

Project details

In each of the six countries where the study was conducted, 30 to 40 qualitative interviews were carried out, each lasting about 60 minutes. Respondents held higher or middle managerial positions and were selected based on competency criteria. The interviewees represented groups belonging to the client’s direct customers (e.g., general contractors) as well as those influencing the construction market (e.g., architects, developers, local government representatives). Interviews were conducted according to standardized scenarios tailored to specific groups.

Project results

For each country surveyed, the client received a report containing:


  • a summary of the survey results
  • a description of the country’s macroeconomic situation, including key material production indicators and forecasts
  • a presentation of respondents’ perspectives, including market status and observed trends
  • a description of the most important supplier selection criteria, problematic situations, and additional expectations for cooperation
  • perception of innovative solutions available on the market and the degree of openness to innovation

Additionally, at the end of the project, based on the survey results and the market knowledge of their analysts, PMR conducted a workshop session for representatives of the client’s national branches. The purpose of this meeting was to identify development opportunities and the introduction of new products or solutions.

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Paweł Olszynka

ICT Business Unit Director