Case studies - 28 May 2019

Analysis of the medical equipment market in Poland

Our client – an international player in the market of innovative medical equipment – was planning on making strategic investments in Poland. Therefore required comprehensive consulting support.

Objectives of project

The goal of this analysis of the medical equipment market was an in-depth description and segmentation of healthcare facilities which use drug therapy equipment, and determining their shopping preferences. 


Additionally, the project involved an analysis of the competitive environment, with a description of the sales models of major players in the segment. 

Project details

We carried out an extensive analysis of Polish healthcare facilities in terms of the amounts and types of equipment used for drug therapy, taking into account the type of medical services provided by each facility or department.


A team of PMR analysts conducted a detailed analysis of tender documentation pertaining to equipment and medical accessories used in drug therapy over the last few years. A full analysis of the competitive environment was performed, including market shares of major manufacturers of equipment and their sales models. The analysis was supplemented by market forecasts for the coming years.


Additionally, we performed a series of expert interviews with manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment, the data from which was used to verify the preliminary analysis, and to enhance our knowledge of the competitors’ sales models.

Project results

The client received a thorough analysis of the market of medical equipment used in drug therapies in Poland, which enabled them to make informed strategic decisions. Thanks to the tender analysis, the client gained unique knowledge of customer preferences in terms of how they choose and purchase equipment, backed by precise data from past purchases, and supplemented by market forecasts for the future. This market knowledge will allow our client to have a better understanding of consumer needs, and to verify their existing sales strategy in order to maximize the company’s market potential.

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Marta Marszałek

Senior Pharma & Healthcare Market Analyst