Case studies - 31 May 2019

Analysis of the beer market in Poland

After the slowdown of beer market development in Poland in 2009, our client’s strategy was to absorb the dramatic changes and exploit the best opportunities that arose in the aftermath of the economic recession.

Objective of project

The client had a limited amount of information about the current state and the potential of the beer market in Poland. The client also had almost no objective industry insights to base his decisions on. For the purpose of eliminating knowledge gaps and acquiring a more informed view on the recent market happenings, a PMR team was engaged.

Project details

To extract high-quality PMR employed a wide range of tried-and-tested market research and consulting techniques to provide the client with profound market insight and together draw up a road map on where to steer the business. As a result, PMR prepared and executed:


  • a beer market dynamics assessment
  • a market trends investigation, concluding which products and services are most accepted on the market
  • key local beer market players identification and accurate profiling, which led to a benchmarking and matching of the client’s business
  • major market drivers and constraints determination.
Project results

PMR provided the client with several scenarios where the client’s business may be guided. PMR benchmarked the client’s planning activities with those of the market rivals. PMR supported and influenced the client’s decisions to focus its activities on a particular relevant market where the client’s products are most attractive. As a result, PMR helped to reorganise its promotional activities so it targets its audience in the particular market segment most effectively. For the sake of keeping track on the changing market demand and not losing sight of the major opportunities and threats PMR advised the client to update itself quarterly on market size, growth rate, market trends and success factors. Without this, it would be difficult to keep up with the pace of the fast-growing and dynamically changing beer market in Poland, where strong reorganizational and capturing activities take place.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director