Case studies - 9 April 2018

Analysis of satisfaction with cooperation between distributors and their business partners

Objectives of project

Good business relations and optimisation of the logistical chain is a key to success for FMCG companies. In order to build business relations between suppliers and their business partners that are conducive to market success one should look at all contact points and diagnose the level of satisfaction from mutual cooperation. This is the objective of the cyclical project that PMR Consulting & Research is conducting at the request of an international consulting firm in cooperation with entities operating on the FMCG market. What we do is the analysis of satisfaction level from cooperation between suppliers and their business partners in key areas for their business model and their product category.

Project details

The survey was divided into two stages. The first was realized by the company commissioning the survey. The objective of that part was to quantitatively assess the satisfaction level and indicate areas requiring improvement. Within that stage cooperating entities were assessing satisfaction from cooperation in such key areas as:


  • business relations,
  • personnel,
  • category development,
  • marketing support,
  • promotional activities,
  • supply chain management,
  • customer service.

In the second stage of the survey, PMR Consulting & Research conducted as many as 180 in-depth interviews over the phone. In the course of interviews with network representatives they inquired suppliers and their business partners about recommended directions of changes concerning the cooperation model and they explored two areas in more detail:


  • those areas which were identified in the quantitative part as unsatisfactory,
  • those areas that respondents considered exemplary.
Result of the project

The client received the following from PMR Consulting & Research:


  • aggregated qualitative information obtained in the course of in-depth interviews,
  • comments to the quantitative part of the research,
  • useful recommendations concerning possible directions of change in the model of cooperation between suppliers and their business partners.

Research outcomes made it possible to implement changes leading to an increased satisfaction level and the effectiveness of cooperation between business partners.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director