Case studies - 24 June 2018

Analysis of public tenders for drug therapy equipment

PMR Consulting & Research was approached by a global manufacturer of drug therapy equipment who was seeking professional research and consulting support. The client entrusted us with the performance of analysis of tenders in the public sector pertaining to the procurement of medical equipment from selected product categories.

Objective of project

The analysis of public tenders was supposed to provide the client with detailed information necessary for creating marketing and sale plans, such as:


  • description of the public tender market,
  • segmentation of healthcare facilities using a particular type of equipment,
  • competitive landscape analysis.
Project details

The analysis covered various types of medical facilities using modern equipment for drug therapies. Its goal was to provide knowledge in such areas as:


  • key customers,
  • key competitors,
  • purchasing needs and preferences of customers,
  • the most popular brands in analysed product categories,
  • trends on the market of public tenders.
Project results

At the end of the project the client received a compendium of knowledge about the market of public tenders for equipment for drug therapies. Delivered information proved very useful for the sales department and helped in exploiting the potential of the Polish market.


Thanks to presented data it was possible to identify the most promising customers and modify the sales model to suit the needs of the local market. This, in turn, resulted in the attainment of established sales targets.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director