Case studies - 25 April 2017

Analysis of public procurement market in healthcare sector

Project objectives

A manufacturer of advanced blood collection systems asked PMR Consulting & Research to conduct market research which would become the basis for the development of the company’s growth strategy. The project’s objective was a comprehensive analysis of public procurement market in healthcare sector. Together with the client we assumed that the results of the project will be:


  • data on the volume and value of the public procurement market, broken down by selected products,
  • detailed information about the competitive environment,
  • segmentation of consumers in the public health sector,
  • a set of recommendations and guidelines for further development of the company.
Project details

The project included a complex analysis of purchasing tenders within specific product categories. We also conducted a market segmentation based on the key criteria. Due to the nature of the market, the study required various types of public healthcare institutions.


The project was designed to provide knowledge about:


  • consumer needs and preferences in terms of purchasing,
  • trends in the market for purchasing tenders,
  • the client’s competitive position and market share in each of the analysed product categories,
  • the most popular brands on the market,
  • tenders announced by public institutions for the outsourcing of selected medical procedures, in which the institutions report a specific demand for medical devices.
Project results

We presented our accumulated knowledge about tender purchases for the healthcare market in the form of a comprehensive report. It contained data, analyses and recommendations proved to be extremely useful when:


  • adapting the product offer to the needs of existing and potential customers,
  • building a business development strategy for the coming years.
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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director