Case studies - 3 July 2017

Analysis of energy market potential

Our client was a venture capital fund engaged in investing in companies with high growth potential in the energy sector.

Objective of project

The company needed the support of a professional research company and business consultants familiar with the industry. An analysis of energy market potential was to be carried out at the stage of designing an investment in the area of energy efficiency.

Project details

The scope of research we formulated with the client included several elements:


  • verification of assumptions about the volume and potential of the market,
  • a study into the competitive environment,
  • analysis of energy market potential (in the segment of energy efficiency),
  • developing the data needed to create a business plan.

Two experienced consultants worked on this project. Thanks to their knowledge they were able to quickly and efficiently carry out market research and form conclusions. They examined the current dynamics of development of the energy market, and analysed the solutions currently present in the industry, and then identified market niches. On this basis, they developed several possible scenarios for carrying out the investment project and suggested the best solution.

Project results

PMR Consulting & Research provided the venture capital fund with complete documentation on how to carry out the planned investment. The research findings allowed the company to better understand the business environment and verify their business plan. And this in turn allowed to minimise the risks associated with the investment and achieve better financial results.

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Szymon Jungiewicz

Construction Business Unit Director