Case studies - 15 April 2016

Advisory in an acquisition process on the logistics market

One of the leaders in the international market of logistics services engaged us as consultants in the process of making an investment decision. We provided an advisory in an acquisition process – from market analysis to strategic recommendations.

Project objectives

The key elements of the project were:


  • assessing the potential of the logistics market in the larger context of the Polish economy,
  • identifying major market players, including logistics companies,
  • preparing detailed information about each of the companies,
  • drawing up a long list of potential entities to take over.
Project details

The customer asked us to conduct an analysis of the Polish logistics market and to select companies from this segment (or similar entities) as potential acquisitions. To achieve this goal, during the project we:


  • gathered data from primary and secondary sources,
  • conducted interviews with market players,
  • estimated the financial situation of individual companies,
  • evaluated the structure and operations of those companies.

After such a thorough review of the market, we were able to answer all of our client’s questions regarding the logistics sector, as well as to present:


  • assessment of the state of the Polish economy,
  • assessment of the situation on the market of logistics services,
  • key players in the market and companies competing with our client,
  • a list and profiles of companies that can potentially be acquired.
Project results

With the support of PMR, our client was provided with:


  • knowledge about barriers to entry and success factors in the local logistics market,
  • information on the specifics of the Polish market,
  • presentation of possible ways to enter the market,
  • details of the most interesting companies,
  • a strategy and action plan regarding the process of acquisition.
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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director