Slump in demand in the thermal insulation materials industry
Following previous record-breaking years, the thermal insulation materials industry is facing a profound decline in demand, which has been ongoing since mid-2022. Will the downward trend continue? The research and analysis company forecasts a gradual improvement in the situation in its latest report on the thermal insulation materials market. Sharp decline in market size and […]
Transformation of merged insurance companies in Germany
Technologies: Customer Service, CRM Objective of project The merger of two German companies, one specialising in individual life and health insurance and the other in property insurance, has led to the creation of a business which is presenting a new offer for consumers.    Both companies had previously sold their products mainly through insurance agents […]
Dynamic situation in the renewable energy market
The Russian aggression in Ukraine has rendered the current shape of the energy system in Europe obsolete. Energy prices in 2022 skyrocketed to levels that forced individual countries and the entire EU to intervene in order to stabilize the situation. Faced with new conditions, the need for finding a new, more resilient model, impervious to […]
Spending on services purchased online to increase to PLN 79bn in 2023
According to PMR data, in 2022 the market of online retail trade in services in Poland reached PLN 68bn, a third more than in 2021, and its future growth will be driven by users’ migration to the online distribution channel. The market has doubled its value since the pandemic According to the PMR report, the […]
By 2030, the size of the data center market in Poland may exceed 500 MW
PMR forecasts, based on mapped investments by the largest providers, as well as announcements and plans by new players, indicate that Polish data centers will exceed 500 MW of power by 2030. The conservative scenario and minimum plan, assuming strong phased investments, would achieve about half of the indicated power by 2028.a The latest PMR […]
The number of devices connected to the network in Poland is growing rapidly
The Internet of Things is one of the fastest-growing areas of the Polish IT market. According to PMR data, the number of all devices connected to the network in Poland is increasing rapidly, and over the past few years, this number has doubled. This is due to the growing interest in IoT solutions and the […]
New vaccine for Omicron: Pfizer and Biontech have begun production
The German pharmaceutical company BioNTech and its American partner Pfizer have begun developing a COVID-19 vaccine customized to the omicron coronavirus strain, for subsequent commercial usage.   According to BioNTech CEO Ugura Sahina, the manufacture of a COVID-19 vaccine customized to the omicron version has begun. Clinical studies on the vaccine will begin in late January. After gaining […]
Paxlovid: Pfizer drug has 89% efficacy against Covid-19
Preliminary results from an experimental study of Pfizer’s new drug for Covid-19 are very promising, with an 89% efficacy rate in reducing the risk of hospitalisation and death. This follows a product from Merck that will reduce risk among patients predisposed to a severe form of Covid-19.   During ongoing clinical trials of Paxlovid, the […]
Piotr i Pawel chain disappears from the Polish market
In October 2021, the last shop operating under the Piotr i Pawel banner changed to Eurospar. This marked the end of the rebranding process of the Polish chain, which was taken over by the South African SPAR Group.   The Piotr i Pawel chain, which was founded in 1990 by Eleonora Woś and her sons […]
Invisalign will allow simultaneous straightening and whitening of teeth
More and more patients undergoing orthodontic treatment also decide to have their teeth whitened. Invisalign, which so far has been associated with transparent braces in the form of silicone caps on the teeth, the so-called aligners, introduces a new solution thanks to which patients will be able to straighten and whiten their teeth at the […]
Medicover acquires more fitness club chains
Aiming to develop its business in the area of sport and recreation, Medicover has become the majority shareholder of the nationwide chain of Just GYM fitness clubs, comprising 24 facilities located throughout the country. By including Just GYM in its portfolio, Medicover has increased the number of its gyms, which so far have operated under […]
Justyna Domienik-Karłowicz is the new president of the Mavit Medical Center
On September 6, 2021, the Mavit Medical Center appointed a new president of the board – dr. hab. n. med. Justyna Domienik-Karłowicz, associated with the Lux Med group since 2006.   Justyna Domienik-Karłowicz is distinguished by high competences and rich experience. The new president has been associated with the Lux Med Group since 2006, currently […]
KOS-BAR obesity treatment programme gets underway
The pilot programme KOS-BAR is aimed at patients struggling with morbid obesity and will be implemented in 15 medical centres in Poland. Thanks to the programme, patients will have the chance to receive comprehensive medical care under the guidance of specialists with experience in bariatric and metabolic surgery.   The regulation of the Minister of […]
Hyundai Engineering Co wants to increase time and costs of the Polimery Police project
The main contractor of the Polimery Police project, Hyundai Engineering Co, applied to the Azoty Group for an extension of the contract duration by 181 days and an increase in remuneration by €127.4m, as well as an amendment to the annex to the EPC contract in the part concerning the technical aspects of the scope of […]
Epic Partners: Biedronka forms international purchasing alliance with European retail chains
Epic Partners is a new European purchase alliance that will include Biedronka, Portugal’s Jeronimo Martins, Russia’s Magnit, Sweden’s ICA, Switzerland’s Migros, Germany’s Edeka and the Netherlands’ Picnic. The participation in the purchasing group of one of the largest retailers on the Polish market is expected to strengthen the chain’s price competitiveness and improve margins. It […]
Swedish company Prev. will facilitate Polish women’s access to contraception
A Swedish startup, which offers an app thanks to which female users can receive contraceptives, is expanding its activity and entering Poland. Currently, only 35.2% of women in Poland have regular access to contraception, but thanks to Prev’s solution, these figures may soon change. Now, all it takes is an application on the phone to […]
Advances in Parkinson treatment?
Scientists from the Australian National University, in collaboration with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, have developed a hydrogel that could be used as a one-time therapy to treat Parkinson’s disease. Clinical trials may begin within the next five years, after the gel proves safe for human use. Nearly 100,000 people suffering from […]
The government has increased financial outlays on health care
The Polish parliament has passed an amendment to the law which will allow for a gradual increase in healthcare spending, from 6% of GDP in 2023 to as much as 7% in 2027. The funds will be used to help increase the salaries of medical staff, modernise infrastructure and develop the technology.   Due to […]
How long does it take to get planning permission?
One of the biggest obstacles to housing construction is the increasing delays in issuing building permits. How long do companies have to wait for decisions in particular cities? What prevents decisions from being issued on time? A survey was conducted by the real estate service Mateusz Bromboszcz, Vice-President of the Management Board for Legal […]
Pandemic causes shortage of raw materials – price rises on construction chemicals market
The end of 2020 and the first quarter of this year saw a successive increase in the prices of raw materials used in the production of construction chemicals. This is due to their limited availability, resulting, among other things, from significantly increased demand in China, where the economy has taken off in full force. The […]
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