Analysis of the pharmaceutical distribution market in Russia

Our client, an investment management fund, commissioned PMR to conduct analysis of the pharmaceutical distribution market in Russia.

Aim of market analysis

The goal of this project was the analysis of key distribution market players, market trends on the wholesale and retail pharmaceutical market.

PMR method

The distribution market analysis allowed a comprehensive outlook of the structure of the Russian wholesale and retail pharmaceutical distribution market in terms of geographical coverage, number of outlets, by sales value, etc. Main distribution players (wholesalers and pharmacy chains) and their financial results were identified. A particularly important element of the study was collecting unique distribution market information on market past and future trends and assessment of the influence of those trends on companies present on the market. The study also included an analysis of other distribution channels (online and non-pharmacy), and sales strategies of pharmaceuticals through them.

Outcome of study

The client received an in-depth market analysis of the pharmaceutical distribution system in Russia, which provided the company with support in making strategic decisions pertaining to its operations in the target market. Thanks to the market analysis, the client gained insight into the largest market players and potential takeover targets in this sector in Russia.

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