Analysis of laboratory diagnostic equipment market in Poland


How to research specialised diagnostic laboratories in the public and private sectors?

Our client – a global player in the market of advanced equipment for laboratory diagnostics – wanted to better understand the needs of their customers in Poland. Therefore they turned to PMR Consulting & Research to conduct an in-depth segmentation of the laboratories market in Poland. The analysis of laboratory diagnostics equipment market proposed by our team required a fast and efficient way to reach the target group. This was possible thanks to our considerable industry experience and extensive network of contacts, which included key representatives of this segment of the medical market.



Comprehensive analysis of laboratory diagnostics equipment market

In this project, PMR’s team of researchers and analysts carried out:

  • a detailed analysis of tenders in the sector of laboratory diagnostics,
  • market potential modelling, broken down by product categories,
  • an estimate of the value and volume of the market, together with forecasts for market development for the coming years,
  • analysis of the competitive environment.



Increasing market share thanks to a broad knowledge of the market, customers and competition

After we completed the project, our client obtained a clear picture of the market. This allowed them to base strategic business decisions on facts and hard data coming directly from the market.

The company also received a very detailed knowledge of existing and potential customers. This allowed them to adapt their marketing and sales strategy to target group requirements.

Furthermore, the information on the competitors’ strategies enabled our client to plan effective business operations aimed at increasing sales and market share.

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