Analysis of growth potential of B2B mobile solutions market


How will the market for mobile solutions develop in the B2B sector?

An international company operating in IT and new technologies was looking for market researchers and business consultants with experience in this rapidly growing segment. They asked us to analyse the growth potential of mobile solutions in the business-to-business (B2B) market.

We analysed medium and large enterprises, to be able to determine the use of mobile solutions by these companies and identify the market’s future directions of development. We put emphasis on the use of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model in business, meaning the possibility of using personal devices for business purposes.


Analysis of growth potential of mobile solutions

We used an approach that guaranteed the most credible results. The study involved medium and large companies representing different industries. We took into account both private companies and ones operating in the public sector. The study involved only those companies that have their own IT department, or employ a person responsible for matters related to IT. We conducted several hundred interviews with decision-makers in the area of IT. To ensure that our research is carried out quickly and effectively, we used the technique of computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI).


Market diagnosis and a comparison with other countries

The statistical analysis of the findings allowed us to uncover many interesting and important information about the Polish market for mobile solutions. We were able to, for example, estimate the extent to which international mobility-related trends are present in the local market. This gave grounds to identify topics that may provide development opportunities in this market.

Furthermore, data from the study was compared with the results from individual foreign markets that were researched in the earlier stages of the project. As a consequence, it allowed us to compare the Polish market to that of other countries.

In particular, the results of our research and analysis of the market potential of mobile solutions made it possible to determine:

  • the degree of mobility of medium and large enterprises in Poland,
  • reasons for implementing mobile strategies,
  • benefits stemming from implementing mobile solutions and obstacles associated with the process,
  • fears concerning the use of mobility by companies

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