Analysis of biosimilars market


What is market potential?

A global manufacturer from the pharmaceutical sector approached PMR Consulting & Research. It hired our team to conduct a comprehensive project composed of the following elements:

  • analysis of the Polish healthcare system,
  • analysis of biosimilars market in Poland,
  • assessment of the launch potential of a new biosimilar medication.

The analysis was supposed to act as a compendium of knowledge on the functioning of the healthcare system in the context of competitive environment for biological and biosimilar medication in defined indications. The project aimed at building an effective business strategy and planning subsequent steps related to the introduction on the Polish market of a new biosimilar medication.



Comprehensive analysis of biosimilars market

Under this project PMR team analysed the following areas and topics:

  • healthcare system,
  • medication reimbursement process as well as valuation of medical procedures,
  • epidemiological data and forecasts,
  • path of the patient with a particular disease entity,
  • level of demand for biosimilar medications in the context of currently applied therapies,
  • opinions of doctors, pharmacists as well as opinion-makers concerning the proposed drug therapy,
  • identification and profiling of hospitals offering therapy using the analysed medications,
  • analysis of public tender purchases of a given drug together with historical data,
  • purchase decision-making process concerning the medication and main process participants,
  • purchasing preferences and trends,
  • assessment of the new drug concept,
  • identification of the medication largest suppliers.

In order to aggregate the key information PMR Research & Consulting team conducted an extensive research and consulting project composed of several stages:

  • in-depth qualitative interviews with physicians with specific areas of expertise, hospital pharmacists and opinion-makers,
  • quantitative interviews with doctors and pharmacists,
  • comprehensive analysis of public tender purchases in Polish hospitals,
  • in-depth analysis of data gathered by the desk research method.

What significantly supplemented conducted analyses were recommendations concerning the most effective marketing and brand creations tools in the analysed market segment.



Market entry strategy

The client received from PMR Consulting & Research a complete picture illustrating the healthcare market in Poland. The report contained recommendations concerning strategic decisions allowing one to launch a new biosimilar on the market and unleash the market’s full potential. Hard market data on tender procedure purchases allowed us to identify the activities of competition and build the most optimal sales and promotion strategy. Information obtained from market interviews, in turn, allowed us to identify purchasing criteria and preferences, assess the needs and chances of achieving a market success with the new medication.

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